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Give me a photographic challenge, and I'm all about it! Olivia's mom asked me to photograph her daughter's senior portraits. The catch (no pun intended) was that she's a tomboy who PROMISED her mom she'd wear a dress with her cleats in some of her senior portraits. So, my challenge (should I choose to accept it, and you KNOW I did) was to create an experience that was not only FUN for Olivia, but also resulted in some killer senior portraits that elicited Olivia's feminine side without betraying her tomboy nature.

Olivia, Captain of the John Horn High School varsity softball team in Mesquite, Texas, is no doubt a natural beauty! We worked together with hair and makeup extraordinaire, Paige Anderson, to create a soft, natural look that accentuated her innate beauty rather than trying to transform her into something she's just not. And once she got in front of that camera, Olivia moved naturally, making us all wonder if she was secretly a model for Dallas' top modeling agencies. Looking at her images, I'm still not convinced she's not. ;)

John Horn High School Senior Photos Dallas Texas

John Horn High School Senior Photos Dallas Texas

Dallas High School Senior Portraits Jen Bertrand

Dallas Texas Fashion High School Senior Portraits

Unique Dallas High School Senior Pictures Texas

Professional High School Senior Photos Dallas Texas

Unique High School Senior Photos Dallas Fort Worth Texas

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