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Sara Waller of Win Win Proposals | Business Professional Editorial Session | Dallas, Texas

When I went through my recent rebranding for my photography business, one of the main things that I was told to focus on was my "ideal client." It was sort of this, "If you build it, they will come" thought process, and my woo-woo side was all in. So when Sara contacted me and we chatted on the phone for the first time, I promptly began praising my designer and branding team (as well as my know, just in case). Now, I don't know what it's like to live on a steady diet of maple syrup, cake, and sprinkles, but I'm sure it's similar to my reaction. I was hyped up for this shoot knowing I was going to work with someone this cool.

Intelligent, clever, witty, sci-fi lovin' women are my jam. Sara is all of the above, and then some. When she told me she plays competitive chess, my mind began racing with ways to incorporate that. She's a business-ownin' badass (or a "bomb-ass boss," as we like to say), Founder and President of Win Win Proposals here in downtown Dallas. Got a proposal you need to nail and someone to decipher all of the corporate/government speak? She's your guru.

Our goal was to create a new portrait that was so much more than just a headshot. Her personality is one of the things that sets her apart, and my focus became working that into her session. I had my ideas, and then she emailed me a photo of her office wallpaper. She described it as a mix between hallucinogenics and the Audubon Society. YUP. Count. Me. In. As you can see below, her description was NOT far off, which I think is a testament to her communication skills and wordsmithery...and her FABULOUS taste in wallpaper.

Dallas Business Portraits Headshots Jen Bertrand

Jen Bertrand Dallas Business Headshots Corporate Photography

Aren't these just a blast?! And do you see what I mean about that wallpaper?! I. DIE. How about you? Are you in dire need of some updated business portraits? How about your LinkedIn and social media profile photos? Yeah, let's get you hooked up! See what Jen Bertrand Photography can do for you! Ready to get started? Fill out my contact form here and I'll email you my current client guide with all the deets!

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