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Wow. I'm STILL pinching myself that this actually happened. A few months ago I received an email from the Director of Publications at Professional Photographers of America, Jane Gaboury, stating that they were interested in featuring me and my work in an upcoming edition of their magazine. She inquired, "Is that something you’d be interested in working on with us?" UMMMMMM, ABSOLUTELY! I was in absolute disbelief and jumped at the chance.

Professional Photographer Magazine Article about Jen Bertrand

A few weeks later, I received an email from the talented and hilarious writer, Eric Minton, wanting to set up an interview by phone. We bantered back and forth, quickly steering into the top of (naturally) music. Oh, and for the record - Eric has fantastic taste in music. So, it's no wonder that the first hour of the interview had NOTHING to do with photography and EVERYTHING to do with music. During our 3+ hour conversation, we talked about my background in photography, why I light my subjects the way I do, and how I elicit the reactions and emotions from my subjects in my professional headshots and high school senior pictures. Chatting with and getting to know Eric was an absolute pleasure, and I'm grateful that he was chosen to work with me on this.

If you're a member of Professional Photographers of America, check your mailbox for the August 2021 edition with the cover you see below. You can read the full article there, along with information about the gear I use and how I light my subjects.

And if you're NOT a member of PPA (why not?!), you can check out the digital version of the article, along with a gallery of my recent work, including business headshots, creative headshots, model portfolios, and high school senior photos.

Professional Photographer Magazine August 2021 Cover

Thank you to Jane Gaboury of PPA, Eric Minton, and the rest of the crew who made this feature possible. I'm honored!

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