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One of the things I loved about living in Austin was the people. There's a certain vibe about that city and its residents that's hard to describe, but it's one of those things where you know it when you feel it. When I was asked to hop 4 hours down I-35 to photograph two seniors, it didn't take much convincing. Not only would I get to hang out in a city I miss and love, but I would also get the chance to hang with two really amazing St. Andrew's Episcopal High School seniors and their mothers, all of whom embody that unmistakable Austin vibe. And let me tell you - the weekend did NOT disappoint.

This is Georgia - an old soul with a ton of spirit and a smile that you'll never forget. It's infectious and picture-perfect. Take a peek below and just TRY not to smile when you see that last one. ;) More to come!

Austin Texas high school senior pictures

Austin Texas high school senior fashion photos

high school senior portraits in Austin Texas

high school senior portrait photographer in Austin Texas

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